Preventative Maintenance & Service

Why should I purchase a service agreement? 

Proper care of your HVAC equipment can save you real dollars on your utility bills as well as in your pocket.  Certain air conditioning and heating problems can double operating costs without reducing comfort, ultimately resulting in untimely and costly repairs.  Regular maintenance to maintain peak performance and reliability is a must. An HVAC service agreement with Maselli Contracting will give you peace of mind that your system is operating at optimum efficiency and performance season after season.

When our technicians look at your system for seasonal maintenance, we’ll tighten connections, test currents and voltage, adjust refrigerant levels, change filters and test the air flow.  The little things we pay attention to provide numerous benefits, including:

1. Extending the life of your system
2. Providing peace of mind that your system will work correctly
3. Helping prevent breakdowns
4. Maintaining efficiency
5. Helping prevent hazards

Don’t wait until the heat of summer or cold of winter is knocking at your door to make sure your system is working correctly.  Call Maselli Contracting today discuss a cost-effective and personalized preventative maintenance/service contract.

“The installation crew was extremely clean, courteous and friendly too. They answered all my questions and completed the job without hesitation and in the same day. I rate them A in every category. Great Company”

Joe A, White Plains, NY

“Joe & Brien quickly figured out the problem that another technician had misdiagnosed and had it running in less than an hour. They were courteous and fair in their changes. I plan to call them for future AC/Heat work”

Jason H, Mamaroneck, NY

“Great price, timeliness, outstanding persons to deal with and no pressure! Brien and Joe should be commended for an outstanding presentation and for a job well done. I look forward to a long relationship, thanks again”

 Anthony, F Eastchester, NY